Sunday, June 10, 2007

what i want

i want the six million dollar man to sing me a lullabye
( written by fangoria ), instead of just staring at me constantly
i want to lie awake, with my eyes closed, and feel the ever
invigorating energy fill my flesh, fill my lungs with
gasps of new life
i want to let go of the past, not forgetting that it is part
of my history
i want George Sands to walk me to the fire as we throw away
the book, and the flames dance to a Chopin concerto
i want Picasso to paint my portrait, i want Tamara to paint my story,
as i slowly drive off in her Bugatti
I want Oscar to write me a novel and read it to Poiret, while he
sews me a coat
I want Joseph to caress me into oblivion with his eyelashes,
while that guy from TRICK offers me his chest as a pillow,
while Auntie Mame redecorates the room with huge gold Budhas.

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