Monday, June 19, 2006

the game is on

the game is on..
once again this mockery
of seduction starts again.
the curtain fell, leaving us
facing each other..again.
and i know we both recount
our loose and few encounters,
the words we spoke.
your fingers pulling on my shirt
to caress my chest, my lips
slowly locking into yours.
the game is on..yet, it's only a game.
no winners, no loosers here.
no bright future to be.
just a bed waiting to be unmade,
just the moment waiting to become unreal.
to take out our masks, and stop pretending
to be happy...yet it's only a game.
and, for now, that's all it'll ever be.
go ahead and play. we are both winners.
enough of playing prince valium.
i want you fully awake.
and i don't want your love.
and i don't want your story.
but i do want to see you
stripped and dreaming by my side..
but just for one night.
after all, it's only a game
...and i dare you to play.
( To Harry Potter, the Narcoleptic Prince )


Conconcito said...

sounds like: get mine, get yours...

el gatopardo said...

exactly my point..and absolutely no regrets! only wish the philosopher's stone'd shine some light on dear old narcoleptic harry........gggggrrrrrrrrrrr!!

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