Friday, February 13, 2009

ThE TaLe oF ThE DEaF CoLLaGe

They always said he was crazy. He could hear them mumble as he walked by. Even from a distance, he could read their lips as they talked and talked about him, their staring eyes stung the back of his head like a thousand angry ants..but he did not care. He was convinced that if he thought really hard, if he really concentrated,
if he kept repeating to himself, like a self made mantra what he wanted, sooner or later he would get it. So he kept looking for the few pieces that were still missing.
It was almost done..
The slender body, the powerful hands, the long chubby fingers, the set of dark hair. He even had the eyes, brownish black and big, and the full, red lips with their pearly teeth. Yet to come...the ears. He had searched and looked, he had taken snapshots, but couldn"t be fooled, he knew what he wanted, had 88 clues.
So he looked and looked, no ears to be found.." Those may be too big..Those, are way too loud!"
So one day he did it, he finally sat down. He glued all the pieces..and WOW!! there it was, half centered and proud, this wonderful specimen, handsomeness unbound..
There, staring at him, flawless, half aroused!
So he calmed himself, slept a few rounds. He made up his mind without any doubt..
He"d fax his request, as soon as right now, and silently wait God"s answer about.
The next day it came, knocking on his door, just prancing about...
the answer to his prayers, his colllage filled out!!!
And as he said " hello !! ", it simply stood about.. Silent and inert, grinning with a full mouth.
Then it came to him, all sudden and loud..The collage was deaf, no ears to be found!!!
So he wept and wept, silent and unbound, the collage itself comfortably around.
And then, in a hush, the collage spoke out :


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